Solana Token Creator

The perfect tool to create Solana SPL tokens.
Simple, user friendly, and fast.

Revoke Freeze (required)Revoke Freeze allows you to create a liquidity pool
Revoke MintMint Authority allows you to increase tokens supply
Revoke Mint AuthorityRevoking mint authority ensures that there can be no more tokens minted than the total supply. This provides security and peace of mind to buyers. The cost is 0.1 SOL

Create Solana Token

Effortlessly create your Solana SPL Token with our 7+1 step process – no coding required.

Customize your Solana Token exactly the way you envision it. Less than 5 minutes, at an affordable cost.

How to use Solana Token Creator

1. Connect your Solana wallet.

2. Specify the desired name for your Token

3. Indicate the symbol (max 8 characters).

4. Select the decimals quantity (0 for Whitelist Token, 5 for utility Token, 9 for meme token).

5. Provide a brief description for your SPL Token.

6. Upload the image for your token (PNG).

7. Determine the Supply of your Token.

8. Click on create, accept the transaction and wait until your tokens ready.

The cost of Token creation is 0.5 SOL, covering all fees for SPL Token Creation.

Revoke Freeze Authority:

If you want to create a liquidity pool you will need to "Revoke Freeze Authority" of the Token, you can do that here. The cost is 0.1 SOL.

Revoke Mint Authority:

Revoking mint authority ensures that there can be no more tokens minted than the total supply. This provides security and peace of mind to buyers. The cost is 0.1 SOL

Once the creation process starts, it will only take a few seconds! Once complete, you will receive the total supply of the token in your wallet.

With our user-friendly platform, managing your tokens is simple and affordable. Using your wallet, you can easily create tokens, increase their supply, or freeze them as needed. Discover the ease of Solana Token creation with us

You can choose to revoke mint authority later if you choose

Frequently Asked Questions

Solana SPL Token Creator

If you're seeking a convenient and effective method for generating SPL tokens on the Solana blockchain, our online SPL token creator offers an ideal solution. Our platform is user-friendly and intuitive, enabling users to tailor and launch their tokens within minutes.

Our SPL token creator eliminates the need for expertise in blockchain technology; anyone can effortlessly create and manage their tokens. Additionally, we prioritize high security and privacy for our users. All transactions and token information benefit from protection through our on-chain smart contract, ensuring the security of your assets throughout and after the process.

Our goal is to provide users with a seamless and efficient experience in crafting SPL tokens on the Solana blockchain. Through our online creator, you can personalize your tokens with unique logos, descriptions, and issuance details, making them distinct and reflective of your brand or project.

Why Create Solana Tokens using Orion

Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, our SPL Token Creator software is tailor-made for you. Experience the ease of quickly and securely generating tokens, saving valuable time and resources. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to exceptional support.

Our dedicated team of experts is available 24/7 to address any inquiries or challenges you may encounter. Start your journey of creating and managing SPL tokens on Solana today with confidence, knowing that our reliable and secure online creator offers an unparalleled experience. You won't find a more user-friendly and efficient solution elsewhere!

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